Bespoke Investment


"Promote business based on trust"

"Jewels born from the sea" - Pearls, with their mysterious radiance, have been loved around the world since ancient times as natural pearls, and are one of the jewels which possess the most universal value. Long ago, creating pearls by hand was a dream of jewelers the world over.
Since Japanese people first successfully cultivated pearls at the end of the Meiji era, the pearl industry has developed centered around Japan.
It has been more than a half century since Asahi Pearl, the predecessors of us at A.P. Capital Group, has been offering this natural creation filled with romanticism.
During this time, Asahi Pearl has been a comprehensive manufacturer of pearls from processing and manufacturing to wholesale and retail sale, with thorough quality control and always putting customer satisfaction first in its business activities. This has led them to gain a broad range of trust of Japanese customers as well as overseas customers mainly from Western countries

Facing a new century, today we see the financial circumstances of the world fluctuating wildly.
The newly created A.P. Capital Group sees this time of upheaval as an opportunity, and based on the management philosophy of "promoting business based on trust", we plan to divert from our traditional business with finance and real estate as central pillars, hoping to expand our field of operations to Bespoke Investment Bank which provides optimum solutions to our clients as well as sale of goods and hospitality services which support customers beauty and health, while providing services and products with a commitment to quality.

In the investment bank business we hope to expand our customer base to all the investors and business firms in Japan and abroad, and in the sale of goods and hospitality business we hope to include modern active women and the aged but vibrant G.G. (grand generation) to create a stronger relationships of trust.

A.P. Capital Group
Group representativeYasuo Nishioka

Company Overview

At A.P. Capital Group we are expanding our business with a commitment to providing high quality service and product based on the management philosophy of "promoting business based on trust".

In the investment banking business, in the fields of finance and real estate we provide support and consulting in order to provide optimum solutions for our clients.
Especially in recent years, the main services offered have come to be general consulting regarding investment mainly targeting domestic real estate such as residential facilities, offices, commercial facilities, healthcare facilities, and childcare facilities, and renewable energy production, as well as the development of investment projects and the provision of investment opportunities, etc.
Furthermore, our company's staff with their diverse specialized experience centered around finance and real estate provide the most suitable proposals for our clients to fit their business environment and desires in the creation of financial strategy, securitization arrangement, fundraising, structured finance, composition of private placement funds, asset management, M&A intermediation and other services which are ancillary to those mentioned above, providing comprehensive support for their business strategies.

In the sale of goods and hospitality business, in addition to the pearls and jewelry products which our customers have loved for ages, we also operate a "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry" store in Shirokanedai, Minato Ward where we deal in high quality head and body massage, cosmetics and beauty products as a part of our efforts to support modern and active women to shine beautifully.
In addition to this in our online shopping business we have expanded our "Good Products Plus" and "JUJU SHOP" brands to multiple shops and are dealing in cosmetics, beauty products, miscellaneous goods, etc.



Founder Mitsuo Nishioka found Nishioka Shokai for the purpose of processing and selling pearls.
Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. is established. Mitsuo Nishioka is appointed as representative director and president.
Limited Company Asahi Pearl Shop is established as retail division.
Asahi Pearl Sales Co., Ltd. is established for the purpose of general jewelry sales.
Representative Director Mitsuo Nishioka is appointed as Representative Director and President. Chiaki Nishioka is appointed as Representative Director and President.
Representative Director and President Mitsuo Nishioka is awarded Kyokujitsu Soko Sho (The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays medal) for his many years of efforts pearl culture and encouragement of export and his achievements in constructing the foundation for the pearl industry.
Representative Director and President Mitsuo Nishioka suddenly dies. Yuki Nishioka is appointed as Representative Director and President.
Limited Company Asahi Pearl Shop is merged.
Asahi Pearl Sales Co., Ltd. is merged.
A new "Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd." is established as a receiving company via transfer of business.
Yasuo Nishioka is appointed as Representative Director.
"RETREAT SPA MAREA" is opened in Ebisu.
"TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd", an affiliate company which conducts asset management and real estate specified joint Enterprises starts business activities.
"A.P. Realty Management Co., Ltd." starts business activities engaging in investment banking and principle investment.
"Ryohin Plus Co., Ltd.", which mainly engages in TV and online mail order business merges with Asahi Pearl Group.
Due to the diversification of its business, Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. changes its name to "A.P. Products Co., Ltd.".
To expand business synergy, A.P. Products Co., Ltd. merges with Ryohin Plus Co., Ltd.. A new "A.P. Products Co., Ltd." is launched.
On the 77th anniversary of our founding, "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry", which combines a spa with a jewelry salon, opens in Shirokanedai, Minato Ward.
In order to deal with the expansions in the diversified financial and real estate consulting businesses as well as to strengthen the corporate governance of the corporate group, the roles of each group company are clarified.
In keeping with this, the company name of A.P. Realty Management Co., Ltd. is changed to "A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.", and TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. to "A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.".

Investment Banking Business

Focusing on consulting duties utilizing specialized knowledge in finance and real estate, this is a Bespoke type investment banking business which provides asset management services to best meet client needs.
The word "bespoke" is said to derive from the way clothing tailors would "talk with customers" (been spoken for" while taking their orders.
We aim to for investment banking which provides the best solutions for each individual customer while taking great care in our conversations with the customers.

At A.P. Realty Co., Ltd. as well as A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd., we give advice and consulting services relating to investment in real estate, renewable energy production, etc., to provide our customers with optimal asset management support.
As a part of those services, we also provide full line support and M&A advisory services in the creation and management of funds.

  • Securitization ArrangementProviding practical know-how in the fluidization and securitization of real estate, as well as overall asset management duties including fundraising support and structuring support, we guide our customers to success in the investment business.


  • Ability to construct schemesOur staff, who possess abundant knowledge and experience in corporate finance and structured finance, create the best investment management structure for the customers’ balance sheet strategy as well as tax strategies in close cooperation with accounting and legal specialists.
  • Abundant experience in fund managementWe provide totally integrated fund management services from general fund creation such as finance arrangement and documentation to administration and investment recovery.
  • Structured FinanceBy utilizing structured finance schemes which use non-recourse loans, etc., we achieve a more effective and risk-controlled investment management.
  • Development of investment products focusing on the gaps in the marketWe have achieved a great deal of investment success in the fields of real estate and renewable energy, and based on this experience we utilize our extensive networks, strong analytical abilities and reliable execution abilities to design and provide "one and only" investment products to fit the risk/return of each individual customer. We especially target gap markets which companies such as large-scale real estate companies and AM companies to not notice, focusing our efforts on earning profits through arbitrage.
  • Principle (Proprietary) InvestmentWe also conduct proprietary investments centered on investment in real estate, credit, etc. We also engage in Same-Boat investments, which are responsible investments for the client investment model.
    In recent years, as commodities for individual wealthy people and business firms which meet their needs such as measures against inheritance taxes and business succession, we are continuously engaged in the development of rental apartments in the Tokyo area in addition to conducting real estate development with social significance such as the development of licensed nurseries in the Tokyo area.
  • M&A Advisory BusinessWe provide M&A advisory services which meet the strategic business expansion needs of our customers.
  • Intermediation Involving Real Estate and Sale of Trust Beneficiary RightsAt A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd., we conduct "Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Operators" registration based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. We create and maintain a compliance system and business manual which meets legal standards and provide support in real estate trust beneficiary rights transactions as financial products with our specialized knowledge. We offer accurate and speedy work not only in the sale of actual real estate but also transactions requiring specialization in real estate trust schemes.
  • Private Placement BusinessAs a part of our financial services at the fund creation stage, we intermediate deemed securities such as real estate trust beneficiary rights and silent partnership interests while also dealing in private placement.

Asset Management Business

Through our high quality Asset Management, we provide our customers with maximized investment returns.

With an understanding of the characteristics of target assets and market trends, we search for all possible routes to increase value, striving to improve investment value by reviewing leasing strategies, as well as renewing and rebuilding the assets.

Furthermore, in deciding on exit strategies, in order to maximize investment returns we ascertain trends in the real estate market and financial environment to propose the best sales and refinancing based on suitable forecasts.

At A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd., as a part of our Asset Management business expansion we acquired licenses as a Type 3 Operator and Type 4 Operator in accordance with the Revised Act on Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise which was enacted in December of 2013.
For regional projects and small-scale properties which were difficult to handle via the TMK scheme and GK-TK scheme using beneficiary rights , we believe this will make it possible to respond to them flexibly and speedily while also leading to the design and development of investment products filled with originality.

Sale of Goods and Hospitality Business

We are expanding our business with a commitment to high quality product and service based on the management philosophy of "promoting business based on trust".
In addition to the pearls and jewelry products which our customers have loved for ages, we have also started to operate a "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry" store in Shirokanedai, Minato Ward where we deal in high quality head and body massage, cosmetics and beauty products as a part of our efforts to support modern and active women to shine beautifully.
In addition to this in our online shopping business we have expanded our "Ryohin Plus" and "JUJU SHOP" brands to multiple shops and are dealing in cosmetics, beauty products, miscellaneous goods, etc.
Also, considering our aging society we our also expanding our business activities with an eye on products and services geared toward the G.G. generation (Grand Generation), which is said to be the generation whish shines most brightly in life. We hope to help the aged but vibrant generation, which possesses abundant knowledge and experience and enjoys a variety of lifestyles, to shine even more brightly.

Manufacture and Sale of Jewelry Products
As a comprehensive manufacturer of traditional pearl jewelry products, Asahi Pearl has expanded our business giving priority to our thorough quality control.
Presently we are also expanding our business into the beauty field, maximally utilizing the quality control and judgment abilities we have cultivated as a manufacturer to engage in business activities prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Our company's retail division was established in 1959, starting as a full-scale Western style upstairs shop which was rare in Japan at the time. Traditionally we were supported by a diverse range of customers including businessmen coming to Japan from overseas, overseas royalty, the families and acquaintances of customers who had been patronizing us for many years, etc. It ceased operations temporarily, but from the fall of 2012 business activities have resumed in full. We hope to retain our consulting support which accurately meets the needs of every one of our limited customers, which is our greatest feature, while also further increasing our product variation.
From July 2016 we have started to deal in jewelry products at our "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry" store.
Manufacture and Sale of Beauty and Cosmetics Products
In collaboration with famous manufacturers, etc., we are engaged in the wholesale and development of commodities geared toward shops and mail order. Utilizing our mail order business know-how, we propose products that will sell well through TV and online mail order.
Operation of "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry" Store
As a part of our business pursuing beauty for women, we opened a "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa & Jewelry" store in Shirokanedai, Minato ward from July 2016.
Marking the 77th anniversary of our founding, this store combines a high-class spa with a jewelry salon based on the theme of "utilizing high quality products and reliable technology to serve the beauty and health of mind and body".
TV Mail Order Sales
We conduct TV mail order operations focusing on beauty and cosmetic products.
Internet Mail Order Sales
With our brand names such as "Ryohin Plus" and "JUJU SHOP", we have set up shop on Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping among others to expand our internet mail order operations in order to effectively link our TV and web sales.
Provision of TV Mail Order Program Production and Broadcast Time
We engage in the production of mail order programs which maximally convey the appeal of products by incorporating factory location shooting, user interviews, etc. We also support program examination for each broadcasting channel.
Furthermore, we secure broadcasting time for TV mail order programs on terrestrial broadcasting, BS broadcasting, and CS broadcasting. Comparing with our past achievements, we select broadcast times which can be expected to elicit responses.
Provision of Mail Order Fulfillment Services
In addition to our call center operations, we also provide product order reception and shipping as well as mail order fulfillment duties including payment reception.

Group Companies

A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.

Company name
A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.
2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō Yuusen Building 3F
(Registered as Head Office)1-9-4 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
June 1951
Capital stock
60 million yen
Description of Business
Investment Banking
  General consulting duties relating to investment
  Securitization Arrangement
  Structured Finance
  M&A Advisory
  Principle (Proprietary) Investment
Retention, sale, and lease of real estate
Intermediation of sale and lease of real estate
Executives, etc.
Representative Director Yasuo Nishioka
Licenses, etc.
Real Estate Agent, Tokyo Governor (2) No. 94556
Money-lending Businesses Registration Registration No : Governor of Tokyo (1)No.31693
Affiliated organizations
All Japan Real Estate Association
Japan Financial Service Association
Head office +81(0)3-6206-3220
Branch office +81(0)3-6257-3023
“Basic policy for the prevention of damage by antisocial forces”

Herewith, our company declares the following basic policy for the prevention of damage by groups or individuals pursuing economic benefit by making use of violence, power, and fraudulent methods, (the so-called anti-social forces).

1. Our company does not have any relationship with any antisocial forces.
2. In order to prevent damages caused by antisocial forces, our company shall respond systematically and appropriately in cooperation with external specialized agencies, such as the police, the Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, etc.
3. Our company shall not respond at all to any unreasonable demands by antisocial forces, and we shall lawfully respond in a firm manner.
4. Our company shall not provide any funds for or perform any side deals with any antisocial forces.
5. Our company shall ensure the safety of those who respond to the unfair demands of any antisocial forces.
The end
"Regarding the resolution of complaints and disputes on money lending"

Our company shall seek to resolve complaints and disputes concerning money lending business through the following organizations that have been designated as dispute resolution organizations based on the Money Lending Business Act,
Name: Japan Financial Services Association Center of Consultation and Dispute Resolution in Money Lending Business

Address: Futaba Takanawa Building 3-19-15 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074
Phone: 03-5739-3861
Reception hours: Monday to Friday / 9:00 - 17:30 (excluding holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

The end

“Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information”

Our company realizes the importance of managing and using personal information safely and properly. Concerning the handling of personal information, our company establishes the following Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information and hereby promises to protect all personal information that is kept and maintained by our company.

1.Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
Our company shall comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003) and other relevant laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
2.Proper utilization of personal information
Our company shall explain the purpose of using your personal information through announcements on our company's website and other means or by sending written notice. Our company shall use your personal information within the range necessary for achieving the disclosed purpose, except in cases that are required by the law.
In addition, regarding the specification of the purpose of use, our company shall strive to clarify the purpose of use to our customers, such as by taking into consideration the implementation of measures to limit the purpose of using each customer's attributes based on our company's business contents or measures to limit the purpose of use based on the costumer's choice. Also, our company shall strive to clarify as much as possible the source and method of acquisition (the category of acquisition and others) of the customer's personal information.
3.The Use of Personal Credit Information Agency
Our company shall not use the personal information registered in the Personal Credit Information Agency, in which our company is registered as a member, for any purpose other than the investigation of the ability to repay.。
4.Safety Management of Personal Information
Our company shall strive to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of the personal information in our company's possession and take the appropriate safety management measures.
5.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Our company shall not provide the personal information to any third parties without the prior consent of the customer him/herself, except when required by law.
6.utsourcing of Handling of Personal Information
Upon outsourcing the handling of personal information, our company will select a subcontractor that is deemed able to handle personal information appropriately based on the standards set by our company, enter a contract to ensure the proper handling of personal information, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractor to ensure that the personal information is managed securely at the subcontractor's side.
In addition, our company shall strive to maintain the transparency of the management of any outsourced work by clarifying whether or not the work is outsourced and the content of the outsourced work.
7.Preservation and Improvement of Personal Information Protection
To handle the personal information properly, our company conducts regular audits on the education of and the situation of personal information handling by the entire officers and employees of the company, implements this Protection Policy, and strives to improve continuously.
8.Regarding the establishment of a contact destination on personal information
Our company shall set up a contact destination for customers to inquire about the handling of personal information, and strive to respond appropriately and promptly. In addition, when there is a request by the customer regarding the personal data maintained by our company, we shall try to respond to the request within the possible scope, including the suspension of direct marketing from our company.
The end

April 24, 2018
A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.
Yasuo Nishioka (Representative Director)

[Contact destination on the handling of personal information]
Customer Service Office A.P. Realty Co., Ltd.
Operational hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00br> Phone number: 03-5510-3351

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Company name
A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.
2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō Yuusen Building 3F
October 1974
Capital stock
100 million yen
Description of business
Asset Management
Real estate Specified joint Enterprise
Intermediation of marketable securities,
handling of private placement
Intermediation involving the sale of real estate trust beneficiary rights
Executives, etc.
Representative Director and Chairperson Yasuo Nishioka
Representative Director and President Katsumi Shimada
Director Munehiro Mouri
Auditor Shingo Nishimura
Licenses, etc.
Real estate specified joint Enterprise - Commissioner of Financial Services Agency, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport No. 83
Real Estate Agent - Tokyo Governor (2) No. 93024
Financial Instruments Business (Investment Management Business,investment advice, agency, type 2 financial instruments business)-Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 2785
Discretionary Trade License: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Approval No. 129
Affiliated organizations

The Investment Trusts Association,Japan
Japan Investment Advisers Association
Type 2 Financial Instruments Firms Association
All Japan Real Estate Association

A.P. Products Co., Ltd.

Company name
A.P. Products Co., Ltd.
2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō Yuusen Building 3F
October 2008
Capital stock
22.5 million yen
Description of business
Manufacture and sale of jewelry products
Sale of cosmetic and beauty products
Operation of "MAREA SHIROKANE Spa&Jewelry" Store TV mail order business
Internet mail order business
Hospitality business
Executives, etc.
Representative Director Yasuo Nishioka

Executives Introduction

Group Representative Representative Yasuo Nishioka

  • In 1992, Graduated Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Joined The Daiwa Bank, Ltd. (currently Resona Bank, Ltd.) in the same year. Working at domestic branches, in foreign exchange fund bill division, he engaged in trading of currency options, cash trusts utilizing derivatives, the development of investment trust commodities, etc.
  • In 1995, Joined Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. and was successively appointed
    as director and planning office chief and executive vice president.
    Accomplished restructuring of financial affairs and personnel at this company, then was in charge of general business management such as serving as a contact point for negotiations with financial institutions, the promotion of rationalization by driving sales by cultivating new clients, etc. and integrating subsidiaries.
  • From 2001, worked at Sumitomo Trust Bank, Ltd. (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd.). In the Tokyo No. 3 sales division, corporate banking division, and real estate financial solutions division among others he was engaged in corporate financing for real estate and construction companies, creation and arrangement of non-recourse loans for domestic and overseas real estate investment funds, and other duties.
    His major achievements included the arrangement of a syndicate loan of a total of 46 billion yen loan for a major Japanese real estate company (February 2006) and the arrangement of a real estate non-recourse loan of 130 billion yen for a consortium SPC headed by 7 companies including major domestic real estate companies involved in the redevelopment project in Kansai area (June 2007).
  • In 2007, joined SI Asset Services Corporation. At this company he supervised various consulting and asset management duties in the fields of real estate and finance, etc.
    He engaged in securitization arrangement, structured finance, and asset management involving real estate consulting and real estate investment projects for companies.
  • From 2009 (to present), appointed as Representative Director of Asahi Pearl Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Products Co., Ltd.).
  • In 2012, appointed as Representative Director of TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.).

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd. Representative Director Katsumi Shimada

  • In 1988, Graduated Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Joined Recruit Cosmos CO., LTD. (currently Cosmos Initia CO., LTD.) in the same year.
  • In 1990, participated in the founding of Princess Square Co., Ltd., a real estate company specializing in the apartment house business. Supervised the sales department as director in charge of sales and contributed to building the foundation of the company.
    He was also engaged in the real estate business personally, intermediating more than 300 segmented apartment houses and 10 commercial buildings.
  • In 2014, appointed as director of TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.).
    In addition to principal investments, he succeeded in more than 20 development project utilizing development type SPCs.
    He has achieved many successes in investments in assets with strong social significance including the development of licensed nurseries in addition to being in charge of the development of the "La Perla" series in the apartment house business, which succeeded in both design and practicality.

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd. Director Munehiro Mouri

  • In 1981, joined Tokai Seimitsu Co., Ltd. (currently Tokai Co., Ltd.).
  • In 1989, joined Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd. Subsequently worked on the financial product development, marketing planning and administration of investment trusts, etc. at Rothschild Investment Trust Investment Advisory Co., Ltd., Credit Suisse Investment Trust Co., Ltd., and AMP Henderson Global Investors. At Henderson Global Investors he was in charge of creating the first global REIT fund in Japan.
  • In 2008, established Brown Field Advisors Co., Ltd.. Appointed as director.
    Achieved commercialization of contaminated soil sites restoration project (contaminated soil site restoration fluidization project) utilizing a fund scheme.
  • In 2012, joined TSM Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd.). Appointed as director.
    Promoted project creation arrangement utilizing equity of overseas investors.
    Major achievements include the Kumamoto prefecture Mega-Solar, exceeding 12 billion yen in total project cost, as well as the arrangement of Mega-Solar development projects in Hokkaido and Fukushima prefectures totaling more than 24 billion yen.


Privacy Policy

Regarding Protection of Personal Information

At A.P. Capital Group (hereinafter "this Group") we establish and publicize our Personal Information privacy policy here and take thorough efforts to ensure that our staff and all members of our group recognize the importance of protecting Personal Information in order to promote the protection of Personal Information.

Management of Personal Information

In order to maintain Personal Information in an accurate and updated state and prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of Personal Information, this Group takes necessary measures such as maintaining a security system, creating a management system and thoroughly training employees in it, and conducts strict management of Personal Information implementing safety measures.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

This Group uses Personal Information received from customers to contact them, provide them information on our business, respond to questions, etc.

Prohibition of Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

This Group appropriately manages Personal Information it receives and will not disclose Personal Information to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. ・When the customer has agreed to the disclosure
  2. ・When disclosing to a third party who will be entrusted with the duties of this Group in order to provide services which the customer desires
  3. ・When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with laws and ordinances.
  4. ・When demanded to disclose by courts, police, or other public agencies in accordance with laws and ordinances
  5. ・When there are special legal provisions
  6. ・When there is the risk of life, bodily injury, or damage to assets or good name of the customer or a third party and it is impossible to obtain the consent of the person in question
  7. ・When it is necessary to safeguard or defend this Group's rights, assets, or services from actions which violate laws or this Group's user agreement or warnings and it is impossible to obtain the consent of the person in question

Personal Information Safety Measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information, this Group takes all possible security measures.

Inquiries from the Customer in Question

If the customer in question wishes to inquire, revise, or delete Personal Information, etc., we will respond to such requests upon confirming the identity of the person in question.

Compliance with Laws and Standards and Revision

This Group complies with Japanese laws and other standards with regards to the Personal Information we retain, and we also review and work to improve the contents of this policy as appropriate.

Publication and Revision

We will always display the dates of first publishing according to the Western calendar, the dates of announcement, and the dates of revision in an easy-to-understand format.


For inquiries regarding this Group's handling of Personal Information, please contact us as indicated below.

Contact Point for Inquiries

A.P. Asset Management Co., Ltd. Compliance Office
Address : 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō 100-0005 Yuusen Building 3F
Telephone : +81(0)3-6257-3022(Reception hours: Weekdays 10:00~17:00)

Basic Policy for Responding to Anti-social Forces

This company has established a basic policy to prevent relationships with anti-social forces as follows, and will endeavor to ensure the adequacy and safety of our business.
1.This company interacts with anti-social forces as organizations.
2.This company will respond to anti-social forces in cooperation with specialized external organizations such as the police, anti-crime syndicate centers, and lawyers.
3.This company will refuse any and all relationships which include dealings with anti-social forces.
4.When anti-social forces make unlawful demands, etc., we will respond legally from both the civil and criminal sides.
5.There are absolutely no secret dealings with or funding from anti-social forces.


A.P. Capital Group

3-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō 100-0005 Yuusen Building 3F
TEL :+81(0)3-6257-3022  FAX :+81(0)3-6260-3232